Wrist Far East Visits

Wrist is the world’s largest ship supplier and coordinates global activities through regional centres in Europe, Far East, Middle East, Canada and North America.

Having over 1200 employees in 30 offices across the world equipped with strong business knowledge and experiences in the marine sector to deliver expert care to each and every vessel and offshore location.

They provide a 24/7/365 service for every marine, offshore and navy operation, including land operations. With a full service provider, including handling of owner’s goods, shipping, airfreight and related marine services, that can meet the demands of both multi-national organisations as well as small local businesses.

Delivery Facts

Customers from 135 countries
–  global presence, local excellence

726,173 sq. ft. warehousing on a global scale
– that equals 10 soccer fields

75,000 deliveries a year 
–  that is 1 delivery every 7th minute 24/7

12,088 different vessels delivered to in 2014
–  that is 1/3 of the world fleet

1,3 millions of work gloves 
–  that should do to the entire population in Dublin

10,8 mio. ltr mineral water a year

   – enough to fill 11 Olympic size swimming pools

3,250 tons of chicken 
–  corresponding to 125 x 40ft containers

19 millions of eggs
–  corresponding to 40 x 40ft containers




Beng Hui Marine ISO Certificate and 50 years plus