Post Show – SEA ASIA 2015 (21ST – 23RD April 2015)

 SEA Asia 2015, held in conjunction with Singapore Maritime Week, is the largest show up to date with over 14,000 professionals came from more than 60 countries converged at the Marina Bay Sands Convention centre.

The show highlights some of the critical issues faced in the industry, creates a platform to widen our customer base and allow other exhibitors to showcase their latest innovations. This year it stretches across two floors of the convention centre for the first time and this fifth edition show is 88% larger than when it was first held in 2007.

At SEA Asia this year, we had a few vendors who came down to show support. Namely, Nitto, CCG and Holland Aviation. 

(Extracted from SEA Asia 2015 Show Daily – Issue 2, page 11) 


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