Chief Executive Officer of BH Global, Vincent Lim appearing in The Business Time


26-year-old marine electrical products company BH Global after the financial crisis was diversification. To expand horizontally, it began manufacturing galvanised steel wire in Oman and LED lighting in Shanghai through joint ventures in 2011. With subsidiaries, BH Global has staff strength of 300 in Singapore and 100 in the Middle East.

“In the past, BH Global was very product-based. Over the years we have developed it to become solution-based.” He says. “You give us the contract, and we will manage it.” For example, customer do not have to decide th e exact lighting products they need, says Mr Lim, as BH Global will tailor them a solution. “We have our own software so we can help customer design (lighting) or they can pass drawings to us and from there we can come up with lighting design.” he says.

“We’re not only supporting the local shipyards, we’re also supporting the regional shipyards.” he says. “We have plenty of stocks.”


Beng Hui Marine ISO Certificate and 50 years plus