Shanghai Fusion – BH Global Dinner & Dance 2016

BH Global held its annual Dinner and Dance at The Chevrons on 28th May 2016 with a Shanghai Fusion theme to spice up the evening programmes.

Our Chairman, Mr Alvin Lim giving his opening speech.

Long Service Award

5 Years Award Recipient

(Left to right): Liew Hsiao Voo, Roger Ung, Xiao Xiu Yun Kerry, Thein Hlaing Lukie.

10 Years Award Recipient

(Left to right): Hing Kah Wen Ken, Kong Kim Chwee, Lam Kok Wing, Loo Chee Kian, Tan Soo Hong, Tan Wee Kiah Simon and Wong Yau Yuen Randy who was absent at the time of photo.

20 Years Award Recipient


Lucky Draw and Special Draw

(Left to right): Karen Ng, Bryan Hoe and Lim Eng Eng.

Special draw recipient: Jeffrey Tay

Best Dressed Winners

Bryan Hoe and Phoebe Chai

Event Committee Chairman, Jasmin Lim, remarked “It was an honour to be able to partake in the organ-ising of this year’s DND together with my great team. Though the preparation was rushed and that there were very few meetups with the event compa-ny, emcee and the event committee from Beng Hui prior to the event, I am glad we managed to pull through with minor hiccups. The highlight of the event for me was the starting of the night when our management marched in ‘Tao Kay’ style to loud Chinese music and towards the end of the night when we formed a long human train and circled around the ballroom. I look forward to showcasing more of the event committee’s camaraderie through such company-wide events. A big thank you to my team! To even more successful years of DNDs ahead!”.

“It was great to be able to work with the team to organise the annual company event. There may be some hiccups during the planning and execution, but the trust and faith from every-one made the event run smoothly and every-one enjoyed the show. Kudos to all who helped and contributed to the success of this event. We shall see you again next year!” – Jenny Yeo, Event Committee Leader.

Beng Hui Marine ISO Certificate and 50 years plus