3M Showroom Visit

3M’s first Customer Technical Centre (CTC) in Singapore, extended its warm welcome to BH Global on the 8th of October to their 3M Technologies office in Yishun.

It was certainly an eye-opening experience for the staff whom attended the guided tour. As we were provided with an insight into the history of the company and its core technologies and innovations behind some of its products. The CTC compromises of 15 showroom areas – all equipped with interactive samples, simulating the real-life applications of these solutions. 


Here’s a fun fact for you! Did you know that the very first product to touch the surface of the Moon is actually 3M’s synthetic material on the sole of the boot worn by –Neil Armstrong, the astronaut whom was the very first man to walk on the moon. Interesting trivia aside, here are some of the takeaways from our BH Global staff regarding their visit to 3M!

Peter Chan, from the Marketing Department, expressed; “I got to know that 3M will invest in solutions to three key urban challenges – namely energy, environment & water and information communications technologies integration.

3M always have new products and solutions that will emerge from their lab. The one that stood out for me is the piloting of “ducted illumination” which makes use of special light films that can capture and reflect a light source through a special duct to “light” up any room / warehouse etc. It can work with any lamp source such as LED or even natural sunlight and its benefits include great cost savings and ease of maintenance.

The other innovation which was interesting for me, is the use of liquid emergent technologies to practically reduce heat away from a mother board computer by totally immersing it in a liquid coolant.”

Roger, from Procurement Department, added; “We were honoured to be invited by 3M Singapore to visit their CTC. The guided tour was both entertaining and educational at the same time. Specialists of each technology type, are on standby at their respective demo booths to walk us through the inventions and their practical purposes in everyday situations.

To highlight a few, amongst the many products which caught my attention – the 3M Fatigue & Slip-Resistant Matting was one of them. It provides superb cushioning which help reduces fatigue and is optimal for users whose work requires for them to stand for long hours.

Another interesting product is the 3M VHB Tape, which claims to be one of the strongest tape in the world. This tape is to be used in a variety of applications to replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners. Overall, it really was an inspirational experience whereby ideas and innovations to better user experiences, truly exist in every corner!”



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